Taipei Garden City Movement Promotion Activities

The Garden City is based on the motto of sharing and will provide meals or give gifts minority communities with harvests from the plants, breaking the ice between different peoples within the city.

12/01(Sat.) | 10:00-11:30 | Feng Hsiang stage

Asian Puppet Theater

Instructor Ying-jun Wang from Taichung’s Wuzhou Sound and Hand Theater Group promotes local traditional bricks by using them to decorate the Chrysanthemum Exhibition with eastern elements.

12/01(Sat.) | 10:00-11:30 | Shilin Residence Park Music Seat

European Carnival

Combining international performances that were especially invited from Europe to our exhibition we will let you feel as if you are in an musical feast abroad.

12/02(Sun.) | 10:00-11:30 | Shilin Residence Park Music Seat

South East Asian Charm

The local Thai dance performance, the Thai Buddha Phra Phrom Dance will be performing. Don’t miss this exciting performance.

12/01(Sat.) | 14:00-15:30 | Shilin Residence Park Music Seat

Hong Kong’s Rhapsody

We have especially invited the champion of the 2018 Midsummer Musical Festival Soul Of Years band from Hong Kong to Taiwan to perform, adding color and variety to the Chrysanthemum Exhibition.

12/02(Sun.) | 14:00-15:30 | Shilin Residence Park Music Seat

Beauty of the Chrysanthemum Concert

From musicians such as Wen-xiu Jian, Roger Wang, the “Southern Duet”, Wei-ting Sun, Jieshou Junior High School Percussion Band, Taipei Philharmonic Foundation for Culture and Education Harmonica Band, and Taipei Fuhsing Private School Choir, their songs playing one after another will bring you an exploration of the musical world of Chrysanthemums.

12/8(Sat.) | 14:00-16:00 | Shilin Residence Park Music Seat

Soochow University Group Performance

From Soochow University clubs and groups bring exciting performances. Besides the live performances there are also activity booths for you to peruse.

12/9(Sun.) | 10:00-17:00 | Shilin Residence Park Music Seat

Aboriginal Song and Dance

Apart from admiring the chrysanthemums let us immerse ourselves in the traditional artistic performances of the aboriginal cultures and admire their one of a kind integrated dances and their beautiful poetry readings.

12/15(Sat.) | 14:00-15:30 | Shilin Residence Park Music Seat

Pyramid Learning Center: Puzzle Game Competition

Play games and collect awards. We welcome adults and children alike to register together for the exciting puzzle game questions.

12/15(Sat.) | 09:00-11:30 | Shilin Residence Park Music Seat

Legend of the Savanna: African Drum Education

Do you want to learn the African drums? There are local African drum performances and classes invited to the Chrysanthemum Exhibition that are fun and interesting, suitable for parents and children.

12/16(Sun.) | 10:00-11:30 | Shilin Residence Park Music Seat

Autumn Chrysanthemum Symphony

Collaborating with local schools we have especially invited Soochow’s Symphonic Group to perform, bringing a different visual and musical feast to the Chrysanthemum Exhibition.

12/16(Sun.) | 14:00-15:30 | Shilin Residence Park Music Seat