The annual Shilin Official Residence will hold its opening events for the chrysanthemums on November thirtieth of 2018! Taipei mayor Ko Wen-ji will open the Chrysanthemum Exhibition at an open air concert at Shilin Official Residence. This year the “worldly” theme of the Chrysanthemum Exhibition combines landscapes from all over the world to created the global floral paradise. The exhibition is inspired by well known attractions from all over the world, bringing you a new visual experience so that you can travel the world without ever leaving the country!

This year the interior and exterior exhibitions are combined. Besides attractions and symbols from all over the world such as Alisha’s High Mountains Forest Railway, Legend of the Pyramids, Brilliance of the Polar Regions, Legends of the African Savanna, Hawaiian Atmosphere, Romantic Chanson, Precious Love: Dutch Klomp, Japan’s Chrysanthemum Affection, Dreamy Kingdom of Butterfly Dances, In the Northern Home of the Polar Bear the Chrysanthemums are Blooming in the Ice, and so on, there is also the annual must-see exhibition, the king of chrysanthemums (Da-Li Chrysanthemums and Chrysanthemums Grandiflorum species) that take the park two years to cultivate and also the Landscaping Championship 20th Anniversary Show. The innovation and creativity in the variously ornamented chrysanthemums and impressive cultivating techniques can be seen presented throughout the park.


Alishan High Mountains Forest Railway

The Alishan Railway is among one of the few remaining high mountain railways. Along its route are grand trees (Shenmu), glorious scenery, and beautiful cherry blossoms that are known throughout the world. This year the Chrysanthemum Exhibition will make the Alishan Railway its leading role, that along with cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, and other local plants that present the beauty and grandeur that is Alishan.

Legend of the African Savanna

The African Savanna is a beautiful vast ecological environment. Its never-ending oasis, with lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, ostriches, lemurs, and other wild animals along with arranged bottle palms, bird-of-paradises, desert roses, kalanchoes, cinerarias, and other exotic flowers and plants fill the paradise with vibrant energy.

Hawaiian Atmosphere

Hawaii has blue skies, white clouds, beaches, and the vast ocean, it is a vacation spot everyone wants to go to. This exhibition uses volcanoes and beaches as its main motifs and uses hand painted surfboards as highlights. It is surrounded by different types of chrysanthemum flowers, plants, and branches with simulation of the beach that abundantly presents the passionate atmosphere of Hawaii. Everyone can feel the tropical Hawaiian atmosphere and charm without distance!

Kangaroo Jump

In the heat of Australia the careful kangaroo mother carries her baby kangaroo as she leisurely arranges chrysanthemums. The dedicated kangaroo father is also busy patrolling the chrysanthemum fields.

Legend of the Pyramids

Beside the pile of chrysanthemums built into a pyramid a mysterious stone tablet records the unknown history of the ancient Egyptian’s love for chrysanthemums.

Brilliance of the Polar Regions

The polar bear is using the chrysanthemums to decorate his home garden and igloo, the penguins are also playing in a sea of chrysanthemums, the love for chrysanthemums is true north and south.

Romantic Chanson

With the motif of the love between French emperor Napoleon and Queen Josephine with characteristics of France such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the fashion of the flower city Paris, creating a atmospheric chanson of romance.

Precious Love: Dutch Klomp

The Klomp is one of the most characteristic crafts of the Dutch that symbolizes good blessings and love. For newborns, marriage and love, or friendship, the Klomp is often a good gifting companion since it means good blessings. The background design of the Dutch windmill, tulips, and other attractions, makes the Klomp its spotlight, creating a Dutch atmosphere and style.

Japan’s Chrysanthemum Affection

The story originated from in a small village in rural Japan. There lived an elderly couple, the old woman often went to the riverside near the village to wash clothes. It was then when a giant peach floated from upstream! The old woman used a lot strength but finally brought the giant peach home. When she opened the peach with a knife, something curious happened, a healthy and cute baby jumped out from the middle of the peach, it was Momotaro! This exhibition uses the green of chrysanthemums to create his figure. It is matched with Japanese lanterns, fans, and Japanese squid flags collecting traditional Japanese motifs and representatives to create an exotic Japanese style.

Dreamy Kingdom of Butterfly Dances

Most asteraceae plants are butterfly flowers. Butterflies and chrysanthemums are inseparable. Taiwan is called “Butterfly Kingdom” because there are over four hundred recorded species of butterflies. This is why this exhibition was inspired by butterflies. With creativity asteraceae plants are used to make butterflies. In terms of design, flowers were arranged around the main attraction, large butterfly shapes created with asteraceae plants. Fluttering around the exhibition area are suspended paper butterflies that gently swirl around the flowers whenever there is the slightest breeze, presenting a wondrous, dreamy, and beautiful space.

In the Northern Home of the Polar Bear the Chrysanthemums are Blooming in the Ice

Have you seen polar bears amongst flowers? Somewhere in the world, in a mysterious gathering, polar bears have learned how to garden to decrease the temperature of the burning earth. Let us protect nature with these adorable and marvelous polar bears!

The Home of Da-Li Chrysanthemum

This gallery took two years to cultivate. The ever-innovating single buds of the Da-Li Chyrsanthemum present a grand spectacle for tourists as these great flowers rival each other to stand out in the exhibition.

Chrysanthemum Species Exhibit Area

The exhibition displays nearly a hundred chrysanthemum species that have been cultivated by the park.

Landscaping Championship 20th Anniversary Show

With the enthusiastic participation and response from people of all paths of life we have held the landscaping competition for over twenty years. To overview some of the previous champions of this competition that have brought joy with their landscaping over the last twenty few years, we have invited six groups that have championed in the competition before to come back this year to preform. Landscaping materials and tools will also be provided. Within the time limit of four hours everyone can use their creativity on potted plants in the exhibition. After this activity these works will also be displayed in the exhibition for citizens to admire.