The Chrysanthemum Exhibition of 2018 is held at Shilin Official Residence by the Taipei City Government. The Public Works Department of the Taipei City Government, along with their Parks and Street Lights Office are holding the exhibition between November thirtieth to December sixteenth of 2018. The exhibition will be held for seventeen days in the Shilin Official Residence Park (No. 60, Fulin Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111).

The annual blossoming of the chrysanthemum will adorn the Shilin Official Residence elegantly and romantically in glorious gold. It is a celebration and admiration of autumn flowers many citizens are expectant for! This year the theme of the Chrysanthemum Exhibition is that of a Chrysanthemum “Show” that creatively unites the galleries from all around the world and all seven continents with continuous exciting events that present floral gardening and cultivation one after another bringing to the autumn season the beauty of cultures from all over the world.